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Christmas with a Large Family

With a large family like ours, gifts under the Christmas tree couldn’t be lesser than this:


 Little Dynamo received gifts from all the titos and the titas and of course, the lolo and the lola. He had been asking for his own laptop, so Hubby and I got him his own V-tech learning laptop which he received with an open mouth:-). He was soooo happy!

Baby Dynamo got his own supply of clothes. Good thing I did not buy a lot of clothes for him. I knew he will receive a lot of gifts this Christmas. LOL.

Christmas eve had always been jolly. The children are growing up and they now know how to entertain themselves with their own brand of dancing and singing. Lola’s huge garden is just perfect. Kissing and hugging and a lot of noise marked 12 midnight.

Wishing you all a merry christmas!

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