Breastfeeding While On The Go

I am an advocate of breastfeeding.

I breastfed Little Dynamo for eighteen months. I would have wanted it to be for a full two year period but he painlessly, and without effort, totally weaned out three days before he turned eighteen months old.

I am on a breastfeeding frenzy again with Baby Dynamo. I hope to do this with him for two years. But as with Little Dynamo, I will take the cue from him when it comes to weaning.

sany1420Breastfeeding doesn’t stop me from going around, thanks to my pre-sterilized disposable liners which I use for storing breastmilk. I started going to the gym two days ago. I started being on the go (attending Little Dynamo’s school activities and parties, going to the mall as far as Clark) since Baby Dynamo was just two days old. I happily go out sans feeling of guilt as I have ample breastmilk supply especially stored for Baby Dynamo. I just have to bear the “full” and “heavy” feeling when I am out too long. Several times, I go home with my milk overflowing. I would just pray hard that I would not have mastitis.

I rarely use my breastpump but I get to store a lot of breastmilk. How is this done? Whenever I feed, my other breast overflows with milk too. I used to stop the flow by pressing hard a cloth over my other breast. But then I got to think, why not store them?

While my Baby Dynamo feeds on my other breast, my other hand is holding a feeding bottle with a pre-sterilized disposable liner inside ready to catch milk going out of my other breast. Funny! That’s why I always feed in the privacy of my room. Hardly a picture of poised feeding. LOL.

Breastmilk can be stored (frozen) for two weeks. Keep the stored milk frozen until the baby is ready to use it. Just dip the frozen milk in warm water until milk is thawed and warm enough for baby’s consumption. Never freeze the used milk again. That is why it is safe to store up to 3 ounces of milk per liner or just enough for your baby’s consumption.

I will be off to another Christmas party after writing this. Of course, I will be thawing some of my frozen milk for Baby Dynamo’s consumption while I am gone:-).

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1 thought on “Breastfeeding While On The Go

  1. You are so lucky you have a lot of milk Weng… I struggled with pain during my first week and still, never had enough. I am surprise that I can still breastfeed Khloe even now that she is 3 mos, given my less milk supply. I don’t wanna stop like others do, just because I have not much milk or that I went back to work. I still believe that breastfeeding her, even if it’s not as much as I could have wanted it to, is still bonding moments between us. It’s still skin-to-skin contact. 🙂 I am so grateful she still doesn’t wean out. 🙂

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