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And Mommy Was To Be Blamed

In my son’s understanding, I was to be blamed for this:


Little Dynamo: (coughing while we were cuddling on the bed, sleeping time)

Me: You’re coughing because of those chocolates you ate. That was a lot of chocolate.

LD: Because I ate a lot of chocolates? Because you gave me a lot of chocolates?

Me: (quiet – he was actually sneaking on the M&Ms his lola gave him as a present despite my protests)

LD: Mommy, say sorry to me.

Me: What? Why?

LD: Say sorry to me because you gave me a lot of chocolates. Now I am coughing.


Another anecdote to tell his Dad.

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4 thoughts on “And Mommy Was To Be Blamed

  1. nice one miss wendy! just like my daughter also, when we go malling ang saya niya at sobrang excited pero kapag pagod na maglakad ako sinisisi bakit ko daw kasi siya sinama!haha! mga bata nga naman!

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