Yummy Chicken in a Carenderia

Hubby (then boyfriend) and I used to frequent this very unassuming restaurant along Ortigas Avenue Extension. We were drawn to its big, yummy chicken grilled just across the resto with its carenderia-like atmosphere. Discovering the place four years ago was accidental as we were always on the look-out for inexpensive buffet places.  Though this is not a buffet place, food is as inexpensive as you can get. From then on, we would pass by JT’s Manukan Grille each time we crave for grilled chicken. It helps that we really pass by the place whenever we go home to New Manila.

While waiting for hubby’s flight from Incheon last week, I decided to bring my Little Dynamo to have a taste of the chicken inasal (grilled chicken). Of course, chicken inasal isn’t new to him. I come from Iloilo, after all, the home of the chicken inasal. But eating in the side street, very close to the passing vehicles, was new to him.


The menu is in Hiligaynon (dialect spoken by people from Iloilo and Bacolod) with English translation.  As I can’t seem to emphasize enough, food is inexpensive.


I don’t take good pictures (no talent for it) but believe me, you’ll crave for more. We always do.


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