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The President’s Apo Goes to School

… and he had his first day in school today.


My Little Dynamo had his first taste of a real school setting today in the pre-school of the university where his Lolo (grandfather) is the university president.

He is the youngest and the smallest… as expected. He isn’t even a regular student… he is just there to have a feel of a school environment. He can go to school when he wants to… if he wants to. He can even play in the President’s office anytime he wants to… can Lolo say no?

He may have been the youngest and the smallest but he went to school in complete uniform…  new black shoes, white socks, a school uniform set of khaki shorts and white polo. He was up to it. He has visited the school grounds several times… the visits prepped him up to go to school with anticipation.

He was introduced by his teacher as their new classmate and the kids welcomed him as one of them… they initially gauged one another but they immediately warmed up to each other despite the language barrier.                

        copy-of-sany0953       copy-of-sany0957 

At least for the kids, it was only the language barrier that seemed to have provided a wall during their introduction. For the adults, he is not just the “ang Engliserong bata“, word was already out that he is the “apo ng Presidente”.

Anyway, Little Dynamo is set to enjoy his school life here in the Philippines. Mommy will make sure of that, with perks or none.

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7 thoughts on “The President’s Apo Goes to School

  1. Using an Internet search engine or asking your local librarian for information about support for schools in you local area can help immensly. That is indeed how I stumbled across this The President’s Apo Goes to School » My Rocking Cradle blog.

  2. sorry i forgot i had your number i’m having trouble with nokia phones…hahahahahaha…for he longest time i didn’t use one..kkkkkk….are you in manila?

  3. hi jehan, i agree the uniform’s cute. my son’s uniform was done in a rush and the supplier has not even seen him:-). so it’s quite big for him.

  4. kinda reminds me of my 2nd niece who started talking about an imaginary classmate or two at home when her sister started going to school. my brother and sister in law had no choice but send her to school early too…

    their school uniforms are so cute…

    yes ate, i have to really fix my site because whenever i check your blog, you already have a new post and before i even thought nanganak ka na at bakit walang update but when i checked your site may 2 or 3 new articles na…

  5. hi cher, he has recovered very well and very fast:-). baby dynamo is still in my tummy. lakas ng kapit e. you haven’t texted me yet… you have my cell number in your multiply site.

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