Some Things that Don’t Change

Just like the old times…

sany0895Bonding moments were often done over a cup of coffee in any Starbucks branch… hilarious friends would narrate stories repeated oftentimes (and we didn’t mind – we still roared with laughter).

I didn’t mind staying up late and being away from my Little Dynamo until 1:30am last Monday (11-16). I missed my friends… hilarious and outrageous and loud friends! That being said, I missed Smart! Not the work… but the bonuses. LOL. Imagine enjoying bonuses of up to 20, 21 and 22 months when other companies were hardly able to give out 13th month bonuses to their employees… those days!!!

My life may have brought me to a different kind of life in a different country and very soon… I am going to have my Baby Dynamo out… but some things remain the same. Our night in Metrowalk last Monday proved just that. Friends and I had sinigang and various seafoods during dinner in Marina. Unmindful of other diners, the stories started rolling in and we began our night full of laughter. As our wont, our next stop was Starbucks. One friend brought out her Starbucks card for stamping. Oh, those Starbucks planners! One of those things that don’t change.

There is a Starbucks branch conveniently located at the back of Smart Tower in Ayala. We frequented that branch along Valero corner Rufino Street. Upon seeing her taking the opportunity to have her card stamped courtesy of our purchases, I began to think out loud “i’m glad some things just don’t change”.

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1 thought on “Some Things that Don’t Change

  1. ahh..i miss getting those planners too! here it’s too expensive…and they don’t have the pepperment mocha for christmas! hehe 🙂 I was also a regular at those 2 starbucks you mentioned. I lived in pasig and worked at PBcom tower.

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