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Rice Grains along the National Highway

Remember the “Philippines 2000” slogan of the Ramos administration for the Philippines to be a newly-industrialized country?  We’re moving on to 2010 and the Philippines remains to be an agricultural country:-).

We were on the road in Nueva Ecija last week and on a sunny Sunday, rice grains were spread out along the national highway to have its important share of sunlight.


That’s how rice grains are kept and maintained healthy before they are milled for consumption. This is a common sight in the countryside but I almost forgot about this practice until I saw it for myself again last week. I wondered out loud to my husband:

  • Don’t the local governments do anything about this practice considering that the national highway is being used?
  • What happens to the rice grains when trucks, buses, jeepneys and cars drive over them?

Oh well, you cannot just easily prohibit or stop age-old practices, even if they could be hazardous to the road.

Even if the farmers do not want their rice grains on the national road, they have no space to spread them in. Motorists have to adjust to this reality and farmers can only look helplessly each time vehicles drive over their grains.


After the two typhoons that created such a tragedy over the lives of some of our kababayans, it is very comforting to see that there are still palays (rice grains) on the road that we can still look forward to for our daily consumption.

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1 thought on “Rice Grains along the National Highway

  1. i remember seeing rice grains dried under the sun when I was young. My grandparents own a rice mill and this used to be a commom sight together with carts pulled by carabaos and all the stereotypical sights of a country life. The pictures brought memories of childhood.. hehe

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