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Night and Day

For the past days, my Little Dynamo would wake up to:

Little Dynamo: Is it daytime now?

Me: Yes.

Little Dynamo: Why is it daytime now?

Me: Look out the window. The sun is shining now.

Little Dynamo: The sun is here now? Why?

and the whys go on and on… Sometimes, he would ask:

Little Dynamo: Where is my Daddy Love?

Me: He is in Seoul (or India, or China or Italy, or US…).

Little Dynamo: Why?

To make sense of this day and night mystery and to make countries less abstract, I brought home a surprise:


Two nights ago, he went to his Lolo’s (grandfather) room, carrying his inflatable globe:

Little Dynamo: Lolo, lolo, I’ll show you where my Daddy is now.

Lolo: Where?

Little Dynamo: New York (exactly pointing to New York, he knows the US map is in yellow).

Lolo: (could only pat his grandson’s head).

So, why is there night and day? Putting his globe on the table and with flashlight in hand, my Little Dynamo tried to absorb the globe as earth and the flashlight as sun. Moving the globe slowly while steadying the flashlight, he had his first concept of night time and day time.

Was he able to absorb it? LOL. After a few minutes, he ran out of the room and played.

I told my husband over MSN, “I have learned a long time ago never to underestimate your child’s mind:-)”.

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