Shopping for a Preggy

I am not an expert on make-up but I do love putting on make-up. I’m just not adventurous as I am too scared to try products other than those my skin had been used to. And by these products, I only mean two to three brands. I go exclusively for Clinique for my foundation, Clinique and Bobby Brown for blush-on, lip and eye color, Clinique and Revlon for eye and eyebrow pencils.

In Seoul, I tried the easily available and inexpensive brand The Face Shop. Its stores are all over Seoul. The creams were a disaster on my face and so I never purchased one ever again. The lipstick I bought didn’t dry my lips nor did any damage but I didn’t become a fan… it easily comes off. Because of this Face Shop experience – and my inherent tendency to stick to brands I have always been used to (read: I’m scared to try other brands) – I never got the courage to try other Korean brands anymore. But necessity called for me to buy two other The Face Shop products before I left for my vacation here in the Philippines. Its Extreme Volume Mascara and Crayon Eyeliner. By necessity I mean, Clinique and Bobby Brown products are too expensive in Seoul Department stores.

Though I still had a Clinique mascara, I just wanted a mascara that I could specifically use for my lower eyelashes. The old one I used (a Clinique) has served me well already and it was time to discard it. And so, I bought The Face Shop’s Extreme Volume Mascara. For a few days, I was satisfied. And then the blots came. Sometimes, I can’t see clearly through my contact lens because my eyelashes are filled with mascara blots. 

I lost the cover of my only (Clinique) eyeliner so I left it in Seoul. I purchased one from The Face Shop. Either, the eyeliner’s too thick or I have smudges around my eyes. Oh, I am ranting!

I am just too glad I am here in the Philippines now. I could go around the mall without my usual hesitation to go to the cosmetics area for fear of self-withdrawing because of the steep prices (as compared with Seoul prices). I am even gladder to have purchased stuffs I truly like.

It’s not as if I have nothing else to blog about, but really, why am I blogging/ranting about cosmetics? When you’re pregnant and bulging, you can’t even think about buying clothes and shoes. What else is left?

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3 thoughts on “Shopping for a Preggy

  1. Hehe There’s really nothing wrong about staying pretty while you’re preggy. I haven’t really tried any Korean products but it seems like it’s a hit or miss kinda thing. I thought being kikay is so fancy but not here. For most people here, it’s like how you present and carry yourself. It’s a reflection of who you are etc etc. Part of every news they will have a med watch segment and once a week they will tackle about taking care of skin. They have an esthetician/skin specialist who discusses things from moisturizing, hydrating skin to applying cosmetics and hair care. I seriously laugh at this at first. I thought, “These people are so vain.” But I came to understand about it eventually and how important it is. I’m part of our Skin and Wound Resource and Treatment team in our hospital and I’ve seen from good to worst possible things that can happen if we don’t take care of our body’s first line of defense.

  2. hey kaytee, thanks for this one! obviosuly i don’t know much about Korean cosmetics… come to think of it, even the non-Korean brands hahaha.

  3. hey wendy!
    The Face Shop is not really a good brand for make-up! Avoid that and Missha, Skin Food, and all the budget brands.
    Next time, you should try Laniege or Banila Co. I swear by those brands for eyeshadows and blush.
    I used to be a big Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC fan for foundation, but I’ve become a BB cream convert. I swear by Hanskin BB cream! ^^
    Hope you’re doing well!

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