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Floating Restaurant in Tarlac

A floating restaurant or a theme park? This you might ask when you visit Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac.


The place boasts of various attractions. They have the popular Tacsiyapo Wall where diners could pay for mugs, plates, pitchers, glasses and television sets that they could throw at the Tacsiyapo Wall to release their anger and stress. One could also join the Unggoy-Unggoyan, San Kilo Bridge, Mga Mahiwagang Kamay and Wishing Buddhas.

The restaurant, described as a floating restaurant because some of the bahay kubo that serves as a dining area are floating and there are rafts that connect these kubos to one another, is also kid-friendly. The eight children in our big family were never bored.  There were bicycles the kids could freely use. They were feeding the coi fish in every pond they delighted in.


There were huge sculptures everywhere  they could simply be in awe of.




For diners 15 years old and above, the San Kilo Bridge would be a fun challenge to take.


The diner just had to cross the bridge, with obstacles along the way, and he who succeeds get a kilo of fish for free. The restaurant will also cook it in any way the successful one requests.


We wanted to have some fun over this challenge but none in our group took the bait. LOL.

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2 thoughts on “Floating Restaurant in Tarlac

  1. I’d love to try the Tacsipayo wall. I’ve never thrown stuff like mugs, plates and even TV sets (ang bigat yata) in anger or for fun. It would be an experience for sure.

    And the obstacle course, of course!! hehe.. I’ll tell my titas about this place. they’ll love it for sure.

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