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Do You Miss your Pan de Sal?

Perhaps, one of the things that define a Filipino family’s breakfast table is the perennial presence of pan de sal.

I think the most successful brand of pan de sal here in the Philippines is Pan de Manila.


I love the aroma! I love the softness! I love the taste!

There are so many branches of Pan de Manila these days. It’s everywhere. Good thing, it remains to be a favorite pampatawid gutom. Whenever we go on a long drive, which we usually do even at my current state (I’m on my 36th week and ready to pop out anytime), we never failed to grab a paper bag full of warm pan de sal.


My Little Dynamo loves it when it’s warm. I always buy the big ones at P5.00 each (Pan de Manila has 2 sizes – small and big) and he would finish at least two of those. It’s so filling but you won’t notice how full you are – I don’t! – until after several buns.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Miss your Pan de Sal?

  1. uy! we’re excited for the pop… hope to meet little dynamo’s baby brod soon

    i once baked pandesal at home and it was good, seonggyu and i ate them all… got the recipe from allrecipes

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