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Uncalled-for Angst of a Jealous Mom

Being far away from family and relatives, I had been so used to doing things my way and scheduling our own family time. My son’s playtime, playmates, hobbies and habits are mostly my discretion.

Now that my son is of age to know what he wants and when he wants it, he takes pleasure in the attention he gets from family whom he knows adore him. He feels he can get away with anything and can take refuge from anyone against Mommy.

So, our daily routine since vacation starts with good morning kisses… then, “can I go out to play?” He absolutely loves it when I struggle in giving his daily vitamins. Whoever is in the house, he goes behind them, hides and pretends not to hear me! He especially delights whenever his Lolo Daddy is around whom he knows is always ready to take his side and gives in to his whims.

Mealtimes are mean to me as a Mom! My son would make all kinds of excuses not to eat… yet. But when I let his nanny feed him, he eats well. Whenever my father and my brother are with us during meal times, he is the most obedient and eager toddler to show them that he can eat on his own and he actually eats well. Then I would receive comments like my son can eat very well on his own, why does his mom always feed him? Grrrr!

On the rare times that we were alone in the house, I could actually let him eat well… after much crying from him hoping that he can watch TV while eating. It is plain torture whenever the whole family is in the house for dinner. I couldn’t turn off the television. My parents are set on their “teleserye” schedule that turning off the television would be declaring war. With the television on, my son would declare that he wants to watch his own good movie. Then, everyone would give in to him. This irks me so much! I’m lucky if my father would declare that the television be turned off. My son behaves and shows them how good an eater he is.

We are leaving tomorrow for Manila. It will be another set of family for him… his Dad’s side of the family. Another set of people to adore him… and pamper him… and hopefully spend as much time as they can with him. Who will he take refuge from this time?

Despite my jealousies, I am very happy to see my son enjoying not just Dad and Mom’s attention. He deserves his one month, or a few weeks, in a year with grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins around him.

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