Revisiting Golden Fortune in Binondo

While Little Dynamo and I were still in Iloilo last Thursday, hubby already informed me that the in-laws were planning to bring us to dinner at Golden Fortune in Binondo. I mentioned in an old post that we used to go to this restaurant because of its shabu-shabu and dimsum offerings. We usually go there at 9pm, in time for the food discounts.

Our flight schedule was perfect for the Thursday dinner. We left Iloilo at 6:15pm and arrived in Manila at 7:15pm. Driving towards Binondo in a convoy allowed us to arrive at the place as scheduled.

Our shabu-shabu was a little different this time. Brother-in-law ordered vegetables sparingly. Vegetables were very expensive, he explained. Typhoon Peping just left the country and vegetable supplies and prices were one of those affected. This didn’t dampen the dinner for the Little Dynamo. On the contrary, everyone on the table were only too happy to see him munching his boiled corn. When he declared he was full already, my Little Dynamo had a grand time watching the shrimps and several variety of fish on display, ready to be cooked upon order. My own idea of a relaxing dinner was also fulfilled. I could eat well, confident that my son was being taken good cared of by his titos or nanny.

Of course, going home wouldn’t be complete without the traditional take-out of dimsum sold at 50% discount beyond 9pm.

The night was almost just the way it was… just almost. Hubby wasn’t around.

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