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Receiving Mails

I grew up receiving mails personally. We didn’t have a mail box on our front gate so the post man would always personally hand any mail to me or to anyone who answers his call. When I started living in Manila and in a condominium, I started receiving mails and bills through the commercial mailboxes visibly and usually installed in the condomimium lobby. To this day, checking our mail box in our apartment in Seoul has become a daily habit.

But nothing beats the romance in seeing classic mail boxes in front of lawns or porches in the American movies and TV series I loved watching. Yes, for some reason, I have always thought mail boxes are romantic. They could either bring happy or tragic news… but romantic, nevertheless.

There is a good website where you can choose the style of the mail box you would like to have. I think mailbox posts are my personal favorites. They could be strategically and aesthetically located in your front gates. This reminds me of those American movies and TV series I loved to watch:-).

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