Little Dynamo’s Perks of Being With Family

I am absolutely sure that my son is enjoying every minute of his vacation. He is spoiled rotten! That’s one of his perks for being on a vacation.

He would go behind his Lolo Daddy when I call him for his bath. He would snuggle up to his Tito Ninong when I ask him to drink his vitamins. He would pretend not to hear when I remind him to put on his house sleepers confident that people are listening and are waiting to be back him up… the list can go on.

I was reprimanded several times for trying to “discipline” him because either 1) he was too young, 2) it’s barely a month since he had his laparascopic surgery to correct his VUR or 3) having someone as a refuge from Mommy is new to him, so allow him the privilege while he is on vacation. Grrrr!

But, really, I love how my son is trying to maximize his family’s affection here while we are on vacation. It’s like he has discovered a new-found power against Mommy. LOL. This rarely happened to him in Seoul with only his Dad to go to when I try to reprimand him.

I brought this up to my friend while we were bonding this afternoon. They noticed the same change in her niece whenever she’s on her yearly vacation here in the Philippines. Her mom would often remark how different her daughter is here than when they are in London. We just concluded that all children are really like that! It’s like, “Got you, MOM! I’m on vacation!“.

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2 thoughts on “Little Dynamo’s Perks of Being With Family

  1. my sis in law also used to complain about that whenever they visited us. my nieces would run to us (their lolo, lola, aunts and uncles) for cover whenever she tried to reprimand or discipline them. sometimes they make us their escape hole. it was okay with us though, we found it sweet and witty… we always told my sis in law that she was too strict.. but after the birth of her third baby, she let them have their way with us or our way with them…

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