Inexpensive Pop-Up Books

I discovered theses pop-up books here in the Philippines last year:


I bought several series (each series consists of 4 stories) last year and we brought them back to Seoul. The books served as his nap time and night time readings during his vacation.

This year, I only brought 3 small books to entertain him before I had time to purchase new ones. I’m so happy to see that these Pop-Up books are still around and so I added more to his collection. The books became more interesting to him because of the Pop-Up Dino Series. They are inexpensive at P69.75 each.

We are staying longer this year here in the Philippines (at least until the papers for his baby brother are finished) and so I might as well make him as comfortable and as at home as he could be. Despite his playfulness he has not forgotten to demand for his books most especially when he feels tired and sleepy. And so, I plan to continuously add to his books. Each time I go out, I see to it that I have a surprise for him (a book and something else). We’re just so lucky that he has developed this love for reading that spending for books is never an issue.

I used to discriminate against mushy and girly children’s stories like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and the likes. But on our last visit to Guimaras, we only had Beauty and the Beast (his second cousin there is a girl) for his night time reading. I saw that he enjoyed it and children have actually no care about which stories are for girls or for boys. Books should actually be not discriminating. And any reading is additional knowledge so why deprive him because of my own biases?

Ironic how children could teach us some lessons…

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