Hong Kong Airport Express

If not for the Airport Express in Hong Kong’s Kowloon area, we wouldn’t have made it to our 2:45pm flight more than two weeks ago.


This airport express check-in is really convenient if you don’t have a car to bring you to the airport and most especially if you are pressed for time. Little Dynamo and I only stayed in the New Territory area. The trip was only Disneyland for him, after all. Even with the proximity of the place to the airport, we still found ourselves in a hurry.

But upon knowing about Kowloon’s airport express check-in, I was really relieved. I checked-in our luggages in Kowloon and rode the airport express train for 20 minutes. Immigration was a breeze but I found out we were the only remaining passengers to board the plane. My convenient excuse? My toddler and my bulging belly:-).

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