A Few Hours in Clark and the Fontana Experience

An afternoon in Clark last Sunday was not planned. Mother-in-law knocked in my room at 8:30 in the morning and informed me that we were going to Clark in a few hours. What were we going to do there? “Swimming or shopping, I don’t know“, she replied. “Just prepare“.

Little Dynamo was excited with the idea of going out with his cousin. We drove to Clark, Pampanga for one hour and half. We passed through SCTex (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) which provides a convenient and scenic road trip.

First stop in Clark was Fontana.


While the adults were excited about letting the children enjoy the swimming party, for my Little Dynamo nothing else matters but this:


Captain Hook is both a hero and a villain for him. He is awed and scared of him. He is drawn to him and yet he can’t go near him. How a child’s mind works…

This pirate ship provided a different idea of a pirate ship for him. A pirate ship is no longer scary. It is no longer a place where Wendy and John and Michael and the Lost Boys were about to be pushed into the gangplank.


A pirate ship is now a place where he can frolic under the gentle heat of the sun and splash around and slide down playfully without any fear.

We haven’t read Peter Pan again since the weekend. I wonder how he’ll react this time:-).

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1 thought on “A Few Hours in Clark and the Fontana Experience

  1. i have a brother in angeles and they celebrated his 2nd baby’s christening there at Fontana.. my other brother’s children really raved about it. and it’s their first travel as far as 5-6 hours away from baguio.. hanggang pangasinan lang lagi sila pag nags-swimming, hehe…

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