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33rd week

33 weeks today!!!


Exercise was not forgotten but was not a priority since my Little Dynamo underwent his laparoscopic surgery to correct his VUR. Travel followed after… from Seoul to HK Disneyland to Manila to Iloilo to Guimaras, back to Manila and now we’re settled here in Cabanatuan… awaiting the arrival of the Baby Dynamo.

I have had time to prepare for my own “ME” time. My needs are simple:-). Equipped with an exercise mat and a pair of dumb bells, my “ME” time is fulfilled first thing in the morning. Even before my son wakes up, I sweat my big-bellied self inside our room. It’s anything goes after that.

Today, at 33 weeks I am heavy at 58.6kg. Not bad… When I learned I was 6 weeks pregnant, I started at 51.8kg

Little Dynamo is settling magnificently. He has his own corner for relaxation. His definition of relaxation is sitting down in his own small blue chair, writing or drawing in his own small blue table and making up his own stories. His energy is consumed when he goes out to his Lola’s garden and run around. When cousins visit, he gets even more sweaty and stinky. But no matter, he is a happy boy! What more could a mom ask for?


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