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31st Week

If I am going to deliver exactly on my fortieth week, I have 9 weeks to go from today. Yes! I am on my 31st week today.

And I don’t have an Ob-Gyn yet. LOL. If I am to deliver here in Iloilo, I have Dr. Pedro Manzala to turn to. He delivered my first son. But plans had been changed. I am to go back to Manila middle of next week with my Little Dynamo… settle a few things in New Manila for a few days (I haven’t touched some of our things since we got married, it’s high time to open some boxes and have them cleaned up!) and proceed directly to Cabanatuan to submit myself to in-laws -referred OB-Gyn. Only then will I be fully confident to stay longer in Manila to meet up with friends.

I have a lot of things to make up for this Baby Dynamo. I haven’t even prepared baby things for him yet. With his Kuya before, almost everything was bought and prepared and packed for his coming out. All we had to do was to wait…

Now, I am waiting for hand-me-downs… Little Dynamo’s things which I gave to the younger ones. It will be Baby Dynamo’s turn to use them. I guess, it’s true what they say… a mom becomes more practical after her first-born.

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