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The Shoe That Fits

Running shoes are a necessity in my life! But much as it is embarassing to admit, I wouldn’t know the difference among all these various sports shoes. So, to be on the safe side a pair of basic running shoes is good enough for me. I use my running shoes in the gym, in my long strolls… I even use them when malling.

But for the serious runners, there’s actually a great difference between a basic running shoe and those which you can use for running outdoors. Trail running shoes are not your ordinary running shoe. When running outdoors, I am pretty sure one’s pair of shoes must be meticulously chosen as anything can be on the track. More than the basic running shoe, the trail running shoes should be chosen for its comfort, fit and functionality. Outdoors, the path can be anything. Unlike the predictability of the treadmill, the outdoors terrain can be smooth or rocky or sandy. Thus, the necessity for a well-chosen trail running shoes.

Now that I am in my last trimester, walking is becoming more important for me. However, I know that I shouldn’t just be doing my walking exercise for the sake of walking. More than anything, I should be more conscious of my heart rate as I do my walking exercise and other routines. A heart rate monitor might be a good idea. It would also prove to be useful for me after I give birth. Another option in this eternal quest for physical fitness is a pedometer. I don’t really rely on the calorie counter of treadmills but my own pedometer would be a good idea to start being calorie-conscious.

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