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The Best Laid Plans… are not always FOR the Best

My mother’s side of the family is deeply religious. It is not a quality I have inherited but I do hold on to my faith. Anyway, my aunt never fails to remind me that things happen in HIS time, not our time.

The surgery of my son and the activities I planned after the surgery proved to be another chance for my aunt to lecture me about this wisdom and her unwavering faith, which she fervently hopes I would eventually have:-).

  • 1st plan: Surgery of my son was to be scheduled as soon as my husband goes back from his business trip. Hubby and I eventually had to schedule Little Dynamo’s surgery, even if it meant without him, as his business trip was extended indefinitely.
  • 2nd plan: The Saturday immediately after Little Dynamo’s surgery, we were scheduled to fly to Hong Kong Disneyland to treat him for his bravery and proceed to the Philippines for our vacation. Little Dynamo was readmitted to the hospital:-(. We had to rebook our flight.
  • 3rd plan: I was to give birth in Iloilo where Little Dynamo was also born. Iloilo is no longer an option.

Well, the best laid plans are not always for the best.

Hubby surprised us with his arrival. He just had to find a way to go home after our Little Dynamo was readmitted. And so, we are now having our own family reunion, albeit only for a few days, before we go to the Philippines to await the delivery of our second son.

Hong Kong Disneyland is still on! Little Dynamo will be able to enjoy it this time.

Giving birth in Manila is not such a bad idea. Hubby can go to the Philippines anytime his schedule permits without having to go on another plane ride to Iloilo:-).

So there!

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