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In the Philippines…

I had been wallowing in my own (bad) health the past week that I had been here in the Philippines that I hardly took notice of the plight of other Filipinos who fell prey to the nasty temper of Bagyo Ondoy.

Little Dynamo and I arrived in Manila Monday last week. We were picked up at the airport and we immediately proceeded to a dinner in Dampa Ortigas where we were welcomed by in-laws and Little Dynamo’s cousins. The children bonded for playtime during dinner. The next day, Little Dynamo and I were on the plane again for Iloilo. Another set of welcoming party was there to greet my son. Busy days…

From (everything that happened in) Seoul to HK Disneyland to Manila to Iloilo… all these were enough for me to finally give in to several days of bed rest. The weather didn’t help. The skies were gray the whole week last week and the rains were pouring like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t know of a storm coming as I never bothered to check the news. I was so detached from the internet and the radio and the television. My bed was my domain.

I snapped out of my physical weakness when I finally listened and watched the effects of the storm that recently hit the country.

Now, I’m back…

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4 thoughts on “In the Philippines…

  1. it’s gonna get better…september is the typhoon season.. i remember last when we were about to fly back to canada.. we almost didn’t make it out of Guimaras to Iloilo. It was also September. October will gonna be okay (hopefully). The christmas season will be just around the corner.

    Again, have fun in Philippines. Looking forward to be updated by your blogs.

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