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House Keys No More

When I first arrived here in Seoul more than three years ago, my husband immediately and excitedly brought me to the apartment we called home for two years. It was my first time to experience a Spring morning so I was freezing outside the door but hubby took the joy in showing off the keyless lock feature of our apartment. I was actually impressed… and relieved. From then on, I didn’t have to worry about forgetting the house key.

All the apartments I have visited here in Seoul have Pin-Code Door Locks. All we have to remember is our code combination and we could rush out of the house without any nagging feeling that we have forgotten something… the house keys. It is the convenience and the security which impressed me most with having this kind of door lock. In our current apartment, we have spare house keys, just in case. But so far, we never got to use these keys. It’s just there… for whatever purpose it may serve in the future, we are also comforted  by its presence. But still, using our own pin-code combination is a convenience I could not easily give up.

My toddler would often insist to press our pin-code combination so he could open the door on his own.  But I could not let my 34-month old son memorize our pin-code. Just imagine if we could have a Fingerprint Door Lock. He would be amazed by the power of his fingers:-). I wouldn’t have to test my patience in guiding him to press our code combination. His registered fingerprints will do the trick. That would be something to look forward to.

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