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I have never seen a boxing match in my life but I would love to watch one, especially a fight with Philippines’ pride, Manny Pacquiao. I know that he has not fought in New York City’s Madison Square Garden yet, although his lesser known brother, Bobby Pacquiao had fought there already. Why do I like to see Manny Pacquiao fight in Madison Square Garden? Boxing greats Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali had their bouts there, that’s why.

Hopefully, Pacquiao’s next fight, which will be with Miguel Cotto, will be in New York. Cotto has already fought several times in Madison Square Garden. In the meantime, the venue has lined up several events and tickets could be purchased in advance. Madison Square Garden Tickets are available and there’s a Keith Urban concert on October. Will Nicole Kidman be there?

In Minnesota, a Disney on Ice: Princess Classics is scheduled on December. This will be something to look forward to as a family event. The venue will be in Xcel Energy Center, a popular arena in St. Paul’s, Minnesota. There are other events lined-up as well and it will be good to avail of the Xcel Energy Center Tickets in advance.

Another potential Disney family event is scheduled in Cleveland, Ohio. Disney On Ice: Celebrations will be at the Quicken Loans Arena on January 2010. I am pretty sure this will be a big hit to families so it will actually be good to purchase Quicken Loans Arena Tickets in advance. Ohio teens could ask for earlier treats from their parents. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have scheduled performances in the same venue on October and November.

The months ahead are really exciting time for entertainment. It helps to be always on the look-out for events and for trying to find time to check on how to get the lowest possible price and get maximum fun out of the bargain.

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