Do you still have this?

I remember my high school English composition class. We didn’t have computers back then. Who has?:-)

While I was in the house the whole week last week, I finally took notice of this:


It’s an old typewriter, an antique one, that has been with the family for… I actually don’t know. LOL. Unfortunately, I don’t know it’s history. I just took it for granted that we had this ever since I needed a typewriter for my composition class and my different projects back then. We had a more modern one, of course. Ever since the advent of computers, I don’t know where it has gone. But I loved using this one antique typewriter. Good thing, it is still with us to this day. It was never sold.

If there is anything I would like to ask from my parents when we will finally move back here in the Philippines, I would not hesitate to ask for this one. I just hope my father won’t beat me to this one. I hope my father, who takes it upon himself to continuously look for buried treasures and antiques, will continue to be oblivious to the value this antique typewriter holds.

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2 thoughts on “Do you still have this?

  1. We have it also at home, ate Wendy. I remember the good old days of making term papers in HS. I wasted a ream of paper because the roll of tape smeared with the paper… hahaha! Dot-matrix printers were still very expensive on that time.

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