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South Koreans can go to the US without a visa for 90 days because of South Korea’s inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program. Neat.

My friends once suggested that hubby and I avail of the permanent resident visa as soon as we reach our 5-year stay here in Seoul. We are not keen on giving up our Filipino citizenship, even if it is for US citizenship, but I guess a permanent resident visa would be very convenient for us as a family. My husband most especially would benefit from this as he travels frequently (every month, how’s that?).

One of South Carolina’s Resort in Myrtle Beach is one good reason for thinking about this visa waiver progam. The Grande Shores Ocean Resort would be a good place to visit anytime. This Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach offers inviting shorelines. If you want to go beyond the shorelines, you could also go on a luxury sailing yacht where you could opt to rent out a yacht or take sailing lessons. I would probably not think about the sailing lessons when all I could think of will be to anticipate the sunset while aboard the yacht.

This Myrtle Beach Resort doesn’t just offer inviting shorelines but it also takes pride in its golf courses. There are many golf courses to choose from, the oldest course of which is the Pine Lakes. The different golf courses are said to be challenging for golfers because of its rolling hills. One golf course also crosses North Carolina. The area must be very huge!

Anyway, this is one vacation destination to take note of.

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