A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

This is probably the easiest read I had in a long time. “A Man of His Word” is a love story, that’s why. But here’s what makes it different from the romance novels I read in the past: It’s an Amish fiction, a love story with Amish characters in an Amish community.

Here goes: This is a story of Moriah Byler, a pure-hearted member of the Amish community who fell in love with her childhood friend, Levi Miller. Levi has a twin brother, Gabriel, who was secretly in love with Moriah. Pregnant and abandoned by the man she married, she found it difficult to accept the love that Gabriel eventually offered to her. She struggled with her emotions and her faith. A subplot involves the love story of Moriah’s younger brother who took the courage to face his own heart, enlightened from the lessons he learned from Moriah’s love story.

This was a welcome read for me. The novel is very light and very predictable. In an hour or two of afternoon reading, one can finish the book. The fact that the characters and setting are Amish, one could only delight in the pure-heartedness of the characters. But of course, there’s a rotten apple, or else there won’t be any excitement in the novel. But at least, in this particular case, the “rotten apple” shows that the Amish community could also struggle against things outside their order. Sometimes, some of them give in to the temptation. That is human. But what provided a little bit of excitement in the story and that’s what made me continue reading it is the love story provided by Moriah’s brother and the free-spirited Rachel.

I may not really pick up this book in a bookstore but I am glad I requested for it from Thomas Nelson. It gave me a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle. Reading really does give us a little knowledge of every bit of the world out there.

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2 thoughts on “A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

  1. You really are a reader ate Wendy~! I agree to what you wrote that reading gives us a little knowledge of everything. Just like Mr. Bacon said… “Reading maketh a full man.”

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