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A Korina Country?

So, Mar Roxas gave in to the pressure. He is giving way to Noynoy Aquino, whose greatest qualification and claim for popularity is being the son of Former President Corazon Aquino and hero, Benigno Aquino.

One of the greatest (for me) statesmen of Philippine politics, Doy Laurel, gave way to Corazon Aquino back in 1986 as she represented freshness and political innocence. Doy Laurel knew they had to be pragmatic to believably beat the dictator. Mar Roxas may not be in the level of Doy Laurel but he has gathered experience and political clout in his years in service… more than Noynoy Aquino has. This is history repeating itself. This, with the hope of a melodramatic unfolding of a new Philippines. What would be the new Philippines?

Obviously, I am not a President Corazon Aquino admirer. I admire her as a woman and as a mother. She has to deal, stand up for and put up a face with Kris Aquino as a daughter, if that isn’t challenging enough, what else is? I admire Noynoy Aquino for not being publicity-hungry but… reality check!… is he ready? Does he have the character?

If ever Mar Roxas runs as his Vice-President, theirs will be a team-up to reckon with. They have showbiz and politics to back them up. Oh my, they would have the whole showbiz industry to support them. Much as I dislike Kris Aquino, she is a force in the industry. People, who love her or hate her, listen to her. The two men’s ancestors were big names in politics. A mother for a former president for Noynoy and a grandfather for a former president for Mar. Beat that.

This I can say, the Aquino-Roxas team-up is a product of melodramatic emotions.

Here’s one wishful thinking… I hope emotions will mellow down and objective thinking will rise above all these clamor for an idealized Noynoy Aquino whose popularity rose AFTER the death of the former president who happens to be his mother.

And the woman to reckon with? She who goes home with the biggest smile on her face…

Korina Sanchez! Make the connections.

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7 thoughts on “A Korina Country?

  1. i think Noynoy is a good person, not the usual politician but a public servant in his own ways but the pressures of the strong and influencial politicians around him might change his ways in politics. He should focus on public service unlike the self-serving people around him that is focused on breaking an enemy and protecting their businesses and other interests. He must also prove that he cannot be dictated by disrespectful Kris Aquino and maintain a simple life like what their parents taught them (NOT A MAKEOVER).

  2. i’m over 100% sure Noynoy will not make it. ang hirap sa mga pinoy they depend on what the media feed them which most of the time are plain malicious, baseless, and exaggerated. filipinos are easily influenced coz emotional tayo. tigilan na nga yang panonood ng mga drama, dagdagn pa ng mga korean telenovelas. seriously, filipinos are more subjective than being objective.

  3. For some reason, I have this feeling that Noynoy will not win this coming election. ^^;;; I know that people are into the Aquino mania right now but my guts is telling me that it could have been better if Mar Roxas will run as a president instead of Noynoy.

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