“Where is the Star?”

It was my first time to bake meatballs… in a muffin pan.


The recipe from Babyfit actually calls this “All-Star Pork Meatballs”. I excitedly told my son “We’re having All-Star Pork Meatballs for dinner“. “Yehey” was the prompt reply. On the table, Little Dynamo asked, “Mommy, where is the star?” Toink!

Undaunted by my son’s seeming disappointment for not seeing any stars, I urged him to eat the “No-star all-star meatballs”. “Mashita” (Yummy), he declared. And that is enough to make the mom in me beam with pride.

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4 thoughts on ““Where is the Star?”

  1. Hi Eden, yes, definitely less fat. The meatballs is not submerged in oil. Just a spray of vegetable oil in the muffin pan:-).

    Hi Nhemskie, my son’s taste buds may may not be sophisticated yet but I only cook for him and his Dad so his compliment would always suffice hehehe.

    Hi Maria – why not try it, too?:-).

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