What Makes You Smile?

I was picking up the books scattered by my toddler before the school bus picked him up yesterday morning. I was smiling at the images running in my mind as I was putting them back in the bookshelves.

What makes me smile?

  • My son loves to mimic the way I read and tell him stories. Oftentimes, I would catch him doing just these and he amuses me.
  • My son loves to rub his face against my face. Imagine a puppy, that’s why I would sometimes call him “my puppy”. I savor these moments.
  • My husband’s calls and chats… whenever he is away on a business trip… he’s on one right now.
  • Pictures of my husband. Mushy!
  • Pictures of my handsome son. The camera loves him:-).
  • Kicks of my new baby inside my tummy.
  • Ultrasounds. When the doctor tells me about each part of my baby’s body.
  • My emails to my husband detailing our day’s activities.
  • Meeting friends! My friends, mothers of my son’s friends (who are, of course, MY friends!), my husband’s friends. I always look forward to these meetings.
  • My son’s “I love you, mommy” and “Hug me, mommy” in the middle of the night.
  • Waking up to my son’s “Good morning, mommy”.
  • Waking up with my husband beside me.
  • Gifts from hubby. More! More!
  • What could be more perfect but a day when our family of three is complete… hugging… cuddling… playing. Oh, simple pleasures!
  • Internet chats. With family and friends from afar… especially those from the Philippines.
  • My “ME” time. Right now, I am happy and content with 30-45 minutes in the gym.
  • Clean house. Goodness! Our apartment is small. At least, that’s the bright side of having a small place to clean.
  • The memory of California Nails Spa (CANS) in the Philippines. How I loved to pamper my nails way back when… I was a regular at CANS along Leviste St., Salcedo Village… it was just a few buildings away from where I lived… and a few buildings away from where I worked.
  • A time to read… just read. A book. Not the internet.
  • It isn’t always true, but most often, wisdom comes with age. So, I openly welcome… with a smile… another blissful year.

What about you? What makes you smile?


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4 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. hi april, that’s a good idea. there are so many things to smile about. listing them down would make us focus on the brighter side:-).

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