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Wednesday Playgroup

Little Dynamo has a Wednesday playgroup. Every Wednesday, our group of four moms and four kids (plus one baby girl) would gather in one venue where the kids could play together. I love hosting our Wednesday playgroup because it is very convenient for me. I do not have to bring my son to another place or another house. Our apartment building has a playroom where I could bring the kids to release their energies. It has ample room for a balloon slide, a jumping platform, two kiddie houses and a good space where they can bump cars. There is a corner for moms to chit chat while watching the kids. The playroom is full especially during winter and very hot summer afternoons. Today was a hot Wednesday afternoon.


Aside from the convenience, I love preparing snacks for the kids and the moms. Today’s chocolate torte was a hit. So was the lemom loaf I prepared the last time. The lemon loaf was such a hit that one boy spontaneously exclaimed “Mashita!” (delicious). Today’s chocolate torte’s left-over was all crumbs. I never thought I could get this kind of satisfaction from people liking my baked goodies:-). Just how domesticated could I get? LOL. I don’t think I will ever desire going back to reading law books… hahaha.

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