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Untimely Funeral?

Got this from April’s blog:

Funny or irreponsible journalism? Picture above was printed in Manila Bulletin, one of the biggest newspapers in the Philippines.


  • Picture above was of ex-President Cory Aquino’s recent¬†funeral
  • President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the current president of the Philippines
  • Aquino and Arroyo are the only two female presidents of the Philippines
  • Ex-President Aquino was actively involved in calling for President Arroyo to step down from the Presidency

Now, who would be more insulted with this “slip”? Aquino or Arroyo? Nyahahaha.

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10 thoughts on “Untimely Funeral?

  1. hi nhemskie – you’re right. personally, i think it’s very irresponsible. one doesn’t just make mistakes like this.

  2. hi maria, – well, she is very well-loved. and she has a very visible daughter who will make sure her legacy will live on:-)

  3. hi, wendy…oh, what happened to this one??^^… i think this proves that “the pen is (always) mightier than the sword^^”… hehehe…and to answer ur question in ur previous post, yes, i am but currently, i am treading on a path more or less well-traveled^^….let’s just keep our student numbers to ourselves…hehehe…ah…eat plenty of fruits and drink milk with folate…take care..i’ll keep dropping by…

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