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Time to Check Out Some Cars

I have blogged before about the safety and convenience of the transportation system here in Seoul and since our family of three rarely goes out of town unless well-meaning friends invite us (and drive us around), we have not had any reason to get a car. This is going to change, however. With another baby coming in December, it is imperative for us to have one already.

I am now checking on some hybrid cars and there are just many manufacturers and even many more models to choose from, my head is spinning. I have never been interested in cars and I, maybe, am one of the few remaining women out there who thinks that choosing a car is a man’s domain. In fact, I wouldn’t know what brand one is driving. I can only say, “She’s driving a silver car”. On a get-together with friends last Saturday, I opened up the idea of buying a second-hand car. Somebody suggested that we just get a brand-new one as we intend to have a car for the children, anyway. So, here I am dutifully checking cars out.

Good thing, aside from the car photos, there are also reviews available on the internet. The internet is really a one-stop-shop for anything and everything. Anyway, the photos and reviews are really helpful. I may not still be able to confidently say which brand one is driving but at least, I have less reason to declare I know nothing about cars.

Since we are living here in Seoul, it is practical to choose a Korean-manufactured car. Saying that imported cars are expensive is an understatement! I focused reading on made in Korea cars, particularly Kia. Personally, I would prefer an SUV so I could just throw in all of the kid’s stuff inside and still have ample room. I checked the 2009 Kia Borrego and I like it. But, of course, hubby is the authority on this one so we will have to wait and see.

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