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Our family, together with a family friend and her daughter, went to Yeouido last Saturday afternoon for swimming. The last time hubby and I were there, I was 7 months pregnant with my Little Dynamo. I had my two-piece swimsuit on, unmindful of the well-toned abs around me. I consider my pregnant belly my best accessory and I love showing it off:-).

I already donned my two-piece swimsuit beneath my shorts and shirt ready to show-off my bulging belly but when we got to the place, we were greeted by this:

 p8010907 p80109101

Hardly a space for our own corner…LOL.

It wasn’t the cool place hubby and I went to the last time. Well, probably because this is the time when almost all Koreans take their summer vacation.

Good thing, our place is just near. We just went home and had our little impromptu party for the kids at home.

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