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Plates Collection

It’s nice to look at the souvenirs from places you’ve been to.

I know of people who collects bottles of shampoos, conditioners and lotions from the hotels they have stayed in. Others buy key chains. In our case, we buy plates. Actually, they are not all strictly plates. Some countries do not have these plates souvenirs. Others are in the form of decorative ash trays and some are small wall decors. As long as they are consistent with the size and the look of our present collection, we get them. We are running out of space for them. I told hubby we need to buy a good display cabinet specifically for these collections.  This would be a nice collection to forward to our children.

I’ve only been to a few countries with my husband so I can’t claim to have been in all the countries from these plates collection:-).

Aside from these plates, hubby also makes it a point to keep all the card keys from all the hotels he had been to, with or without me. During one sentimental moment, I made a compilation of his collection of hotel card keys with the exact dates. I was quite surprised with my collection of details. All I had to do was check on my planner and I realized I have actually meticulously noted down all his trips!

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