Our Wednesday Playgroup at the Pool

My pregnant body succumb to an early sleep last night… the earliest since my husband left for his monthlong business trip.

Our Wednesday playgroup scheduled an afternoon of fun at the swimming pool. We chose a newly-opened pool along the Han River. It isn’t fully-developed yet so we had to content ourselves parking a good 500 meters away and walk on an unpaved road towards the pool. Construction is still going on and, as with every construction here in Seoul, it looks promising to be another family summer destination. Along the way, Little Dynamo had to insist that I clean his Crocs as he passed by a sandy road. He didn’t settle with “I’ll clean your feet later”. Sorry, he isn’t used to dirty feet yet:-).

We were greeted by the sight of an Infinity pool especially designed for kids, swarmed by children with their ommas and appas and halmonis. The pool is only ankle-deep on the sides and the deepest part is just below my waist.


Look at the far end of the pool. It has a safety rope installed to secure children from jumping to the river below. But what’s a safety rope for a 33-month old boy? That’s where my son exhausted me! He ran towards that end… very fast! But, of course, I had to run to get to him. He was laughing really loud when I got him. Naughty, naughty kid. He didn’t do it once. Several times, he ran towards that far end playfully always expecting that I ran after him. Thankfully, he is a toddler and he can, in a snap, change his interest and turn his attention to something else.

Of course, inflatable pool toys and floats in various designs are everywhere. One of my friends was thoughtful enough to bring one for my son. He had a grand time pushing it around the pool. He was too scared to ride on it, lest mommy will bring him to the deeper side of the pool. LOL. Still a scary cat, my Litte Dynamo is!

Nope, the water isn’t as murky as it looks in the picture. For some reason, the designer chose an ash brown bottom for the pool.

But it wasn’t long before he got used to the water. He became more confident that he repeatedly jumped from the stones located in the deeper part of the pool.

How did the day end at the pool? Mommies having a hard time dragging our boys from the pool. They were only convinced when we promised a good dinner in a restaurant. We ended up having food delivery in my house. Moms are still smarter hahaha.

How did the night end? I didn’t have to read several bedtime stories. One story sufficed and my Little Dynamo was snoring soon after.

For the first time since my husband left, I slept at 11pm. That’s a great improvement from my usual 2am, 3am sleeping time. My unborn boy must have been smiling peacefully in my tummy. 

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3 thoughts on “Our Wednesday Playgroup at the Pool

  1. hi ane – well, i guess this is just another confirmation of the difference between boys and girls 🙂

    hi Jill – i am just so grateful that i have the energy to still follow him around. that’s why i need the GYM:-).

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time! 🙂 My my, Little Dynamo must have really made you so tired! 😀 Boys can do that right? I have a daughter who is 7 and she never ever let me run after her and never really made me tired.. My 15 month old son is so different! He gives me such a work out! It feels like I am a first time mommy all over again! LOL 😀

    Congratulations on another baby on the way.. 🙂

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