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Movie Date: Ice Age 3

Little Dynamo and I had a movie date last Friday.

I know how he loves dinosaurs. His dinosaur toys are everywhere in the house. They even accompany him on the dining table. So, when I checked on the movies last week and saw that Ice Age 3: the Dawn of the Dinosaurs was showing, we just had to watch it on the big screen.

Off we went to CGV Mokdong for the 3:05pm show time. A movie date with our Little Dynamo is never complete without popcorn and tortilla chips, minus the coke this time.


We got a square foam designed for toddlers to serve as his elevated seat in the movie theatre but as soon as it turned dark, he asked to sit down on mommy’s lap. So there goes mommy’s bag, the popcorn, the tortilla chips and the pretzels on his reserved seat.

The Ice Age 3 movie experience added to his fascination with dinosaurs. When will he outgrow them?

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