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I wish I Could…

I am so looking forward to my trip to the Philippines. What’s in there? Inexpensive spa, massages, facials… the works. Pampering!

The last time I had a body massage and a foot spa was last month in Kuala Lumpur:

p7150714 p7150716  

And before that? It was ages ago…

I only got an almost daily massage at home last December. Addiction? The therapist was concerned with my daily requests she had to beg off on some days. I got a professional spa treatment when I was in Iloilo… body scrub, body massage, facial … but it was only for one session… got to travel back to Manila so I didn’t have the luxury of time to splurge on it.

This time, I would love to indulge. I’m pregnant… and so I am entitled to it, right?:-)

Right now, my body’s craving for a massage… I have to settle for a really warm bubble bath before the Little Dynamo arrives from school. My face soooo wants a facial… I have to settle for a facial mud pack.

Why are things so expensive here in Seoul?

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12 thoughts on “I wish I Could…

  1. hi cher – oo nga, pa-massage ka. take away all the stress and pamper yourself:-)

    hi Jill – the philippines is a beautiful country… and pampering yourself isn’t too expensive. welcome! welcome!

    hi jehan – grabeh! laging may bilin for a pasalubong from the bakeshop there. the raisin bread is a favorite.

  2. wendy: sorry for the late reply no computer and no internet for the past few days…but now it’s ok….i’m really looking forward to having a nice massage too when i go home

  3. Hi Nhemskie, I actually don’t mind. You can call me Ate hahaha… with hubby away, sleep eludes me these days. kaya ayun, i’m always up until the wee hours.

  4. Hi Nhemskie -ughh!!! pati ikaw, nakiki-ate na rin hahaha. Cher does not call me ate.

    i tried tonton’s body and foot massage several times in several places in manila. but i think the foot massage that i had in thailand was the best! i fell asleep… or I may just have been so tired. LOL.

  5. Yes, you’re definitely entitled to that right ate Wendy. ^^

    I had my massage the last time in Thailand,when I was preggy with Chloe and that was years ago!

    When I was still a student though, I enjoyed the services given in philcoa (UP Dil.) by the blind people, and that was great too! unlike the Thailand experience, it was much cheaper (^.-)

  6. hi april – mayo e! haven’t tried spa riviera yet. i only go to Skinetics… lapit sa UP. i think i should try Spa Riviera, too.

  7. My husband and in-laws really enjoyed their spa experience in Iloilo so much…we went to Spa Riviera in Gen. Luna st., which was highly recommended. there’s a good korean resto in front too in case you need some korean food fix! hehe…

  8. hi jehan – when are you going home? enjoy!!! i’d love to go to Baguio again… we stay at BCC when we go up there, kaso wala na kaming coupon hehehe…

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