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His Father’s Son

While we were on the plane going back to Seoul from Kuala Lumpur, a Korean Air flight attendant handed out a token for our little boy. They usually give a small Korean Air plane stuff toy and he has a number of that already. This time, we got a blue booklet. The booklet is a personal memo of all the flights taken together with the details of the flights such as the date, flight number, route and captain.

I just got the time to happily fill-out the booklet. Of course, I couldn’t remember the flight number and the captain of every plane ride my son took. I settled for the date and the route.

The booklet has only enough space to record 20 flights. It isn’t enough. LOL. The flights I noted down include the domestic flights he had taken since he was 18 days old. And he is now only 33 months old. Not even 3 years old yet! He is his father’s son, indeed!

Which led me to think, I should request for another booklet the next time we board a Korean Air flight… which will be soon.

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