First Progress Report

I had my first taste of receiving my toddler’s progress report yesterday.

I was so filled with excitement. I didn’t think this was coming. Of course, he got all 4s (above average)¬†and 5s (excellent). The teacher’s comment was very positive and encouraging, as well. I happily reported this to my husband during our chat last night and wondered out loud “Do teachers ever give negative comments? Hahaha.” To which my husband replied, “They wouldn’t dare. Or else parents will flock to school.”

Really, do teachers give out not-so-postive comments about a toddler to their respective parents?

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3 thoughts on “First Progress Report

  1. hi ate wendy! same here. i know leruof does well in school.. i’ve been doing comments/progress reports for the students for 8 months now and it was only during the 4th month that i was told not to write anything negative or not so positive. it was sooo frustrating. they weren’t even negative they were very objective advices or observations for the improvement of their children…

  2. hi wendy! i’m sure that leruof does well in school… it’s true though about not telling not-so-positive comments to parents… they’ll lose face, since the kids are the products of their parents… at my first hagwon before, i wrote comments for the students’ improvements but our wonjang asked me to rewrite and just mention the good stuff…

  3. sometimes I do whenever i write evaluations for my students. but I was told to refrain from it if possible. and to carefully choose my words ’cause Korean parents usually use the dictionary with literal translations!

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