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Early Morning of an Ajumma

Oh, yeah. I was a true-blue ajumma this morning.

Little Dynamo slept for close to fourteen hours, waking up at 9 in the morning. That means, riding the school bus was no longer an option. He was sleeping so well, I bet he was really tired from all the playing yesterday. I didn’t have the heart to wake him up.

He leisurely had his breakfast and bubble bath. I, on the other hand, was already in my gym clothes. I was so ready and eager earlier in the morning. My morning was planned out. Right after my Little Dynamo is secured on the school bus, I was going to immediately head off to the gym. That, of course, was not what happened.

After putting on his school uniform, we both went out to hail a cab going to Kinder Schule. I, on my gym clothes and unwashed face (gym is just on the second floor of our building). The new music teacher eagerly introduced herself to me and gave me a most pleasant feedback. My son loves singing and playing the drums. He is always excited during music class and he follows his songsaengnim very well. I was listening to all these happily while at the same time wishing to get out of the building the soonest that I can.

My “ME” time, at last! I was so happy stretching my muscles. These days gym is limited to twice a week, only when Little Dynamo is in school. Mondays are out as the gym is close. And there goes the halmoni who always love to chat whenever she sees me. I love talking to people. I love being with people. But there are times I love to be left alone. My gym time is one of those times. Argghhhhh!

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