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13 Hours

Hubby starts his day on the gym while Little Dynamo and I prepare for dinner. When hubby prepares to go to bed, Little Dynamo and I are just starting our day.

When hubby moves to another state, it would be another time zone and another adjustment will be done.  In a case like this, we could only appreciate how technology bridges the distance… and eases the longing.

Every waking moment means one day less and we will be laughing and playing together again. For our Little Dynamo, it means reclaiming Daddy’s suitcase as his own. He thought it was his when his Dad allowed him to drag the suitcase like a big man when we brought hubby to the airport.p8030929

As an expat family here in Seoul with hubby somewhere around the globe almost every month, one would think we would be used to the time differences.

We aren’t.

We can’t be.

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