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Ultrasound during Pregnancy

The first ultrasound I ever had was when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my Little Dynamo. Luckily, my OB-Gyne in Makati (Philippines) was also a licensed Sonologist. I learned later on from my doctor-friend that not all Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB-Gyne) can perform ultrasound. One has to have a license to be an Ob-Gyne Sonologist.

The above came to mind as I had my OB check-up again yesterday. I will be on my 21st week tomorrow. We’re halfway there! In 19 weeks… or even less, we will have another wailing infant in our house:-). A welcome wail, if I may add. Just like my previous monthly check-ups, I had my ultrasound with the OB-Gyne explaining the growth of my baby’s body parts. Living here in Seoul for the past three and half years, I have taken this granted. To me, this is a normal procedure for OB check-ups.

I suddenly remember family and friends asking me if I had my ultrasound done already to determine my baby’s gender. I always answer, I always have an ultrasound and they would reply “Wow!”

Back in the Philippines, one’s OB-Gyne is not automatically licensed to perform ultrasound… unless the OB-Gyne is also a licensed Sonologist.  The OB-Gyne needs to refer the pregnant woman to a licensed Sonologist for the ultrasound. For some women, one ultrasound is enough for the whole duration of the pregnancy. For higher risks pregnancy, the OB-Gyne would require more.

In Iloilo, where I gave birth, there are only two Sonologists. Three years ago, I had to wait for a long time for my turn since the Ob-Gyne Sonologist had several clients lined up before me. I hated waiting. Probably because I got used to how things are done here in Seoul. When I go home to give birth, I dread the thought of going to another hospital and wait for my turn. I’ve had enough ultrasounds, anyway:-).

Aside from ultrasound, it is normal procedure in the Philippines for various tests during pregnancy to be referred to other doctors.  For blood tests for gestational diabetes, I was referred to another clinic under another specialist. Here in Seoul, the OB-Gyne clinic where I go to will perform the blood test on me for gestational diabetes on my next monthly check-up. The convenience of the OB-Gyne clinic here  in Seoul is such a relief!

If I have my way, I would like to have all the tests done here before I go home to the Philippines. There maybe some things here in Seoul that I don’t like, but some convenience it offers would sometimes make up for them:-).

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19 thoughts on “Ultrasound during Pregnancy

  1. Hi just want to know who and where i can find your ob gyne in seoul. Does he or she speak english? Ill be going there for vacation. And roughly how much will it cost me? Thanks

  2. Hello I loved your article. I believe that it is necessary when talking about diabetes to at least mention natural remedies that have been shown to be efficient in managing high blood glucose. Various natural herbs can be including in a diabetics routine that can help preserve a wholesome sugar level.

  3. hi jill,

    if you’re from clovers, then you know better than i do who is practicing which field in the medical profession… hahaha. are you a doctor now? what’s your student number?

    thanks for reading my blog:-)

  4. hi, wendy…hehehe..yes, im from upv-miami^^…i’m from the clovers family…and i learned that you’re from the redbolts^^..oh..dr mananzala??..hmmm..a very sweet doctor and one of our instructors..same with dr palmares..but there are two other ultrasonologists 3 years ago…they were also from upv…anyway, you are in good hands…will you give birth in iloilo doctor’s hospital?… that’s a good hospital…i really wonder what your student number was….^^ take care, wendy…nice to know that we came from the same mountain^^…hehehe

  5. I had all my check-ups video taped too and showed some of them in Chloe’s first birthday party (like a movie’s ‘the making’ hihihihi…) It’s nice to see the videos once in a while specially when Chloe does her tantums….^^

    you’re halfway there~ Goodluck!

    1. hi nhemskie, katuwa naman about the first birthday video. i might just do the same sa 7th birthday party hahaha. we didn’t have a party for my eldest when he turned 1.

  6. ….just take all your lab/ultrasonogram results with you when you go home to iloilo and present it to your chosen ob-gyne… and i dont think iloilo has only 2 ob-gyne sonologist 3 years ago^^…the 1st one is also a graduate of upv…he’s a very nice and popular ob-gyne sonologist…i wonder why you were referred to different docs for various test procedures.. your own ob can just requests for those lab tests and she can have it interpreted… not unless there is something wrong with your results that needed specialized attention thus you will be refererred to an internist…don’t worry iloilo teems of skilled obgyns…have a safe delivery^^

    1. hi jill, are you from Iloilo? you’re from UPV? my OB was Dr. Pedro Manzala, he was UPV’s university physician. i don’t know if he still is. when i give birth there again this time, i will definitely have him again. i was referred to another doctor (Dr. Manzala requested for the test to be done by another doctor) for my gestational diabetes test because he doesn’t perform such test. the same with ultrasound, Dr. Regil Palmares was one of the two I know who performs ultrasonogram in Iloilo:-). i have no doubt, we have good Obgyns in Iloilo… thanks!

  7. hi wendy! tagal naman kung 19 MONTHS pa… 😉

    alam mo ba, ang preggy na babae na over-30 eh considered na nila na high-risk… o sa samsung lang? i also have all my ultrasound vids… pati yung pinanganak si seonggyu at nitse-check ng nurse

    1. ay betch, thanks. i edited it na… hahaha.

      i had a video of LeRuof coming out head first. gross!!! hubby cringed when he saw the video. pero heartwarming naman yung scene where he was the one who cut the cord:-)

  8. awwww! hisa gid ko! my sis got her video copy for both my niece and nephew. my medical provider is very strict. if not for their excellent services basi mareklamo ko. hehe! that’s why I always look forward to having ultrasound. But I was told that there would be no more unless medically necessary during labor.

  9. hi tes, i had some readings about ultrasound nga. it’s not invasive naman and yes, i t does not affect the fetus inside.

    i also have video copy of each ultrasound. the clinic provides it. parang video diary of the all the ultrasound done hehehe. nagpahisa-hisa:-).

  10. I remember my sister advising me not to do a lot of ultrasound. Said it’s not good for the fetus. But after I raised this concern to my OB and she explained to me that it does not affect them at all, I felt so relieved and often times excited every time I know I’ll gonna have an ultrasound. Seeing your baby in the screen is tantamount to almost holding her in your arms. And it’s the best way to know your baby is fine especially if you see them twisting, stretching, yawning …or even as petty as heart beating. I wish my medical provider would sell videos of every ultrasound I had, but unfortunately they do not. Out of principle, they don’t give/sell out video copies because their ultrasound is for medical purposes ONLY, not for entertainment purpose. I admire them most when it was explained to me, despite my dismay. 🙂 I’ll just make up during the labor and birth, at which we are so free to cover.

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