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Spelling of July in Malaysia – S,A,L,E

I didn’t know that July is Malaysia’s S-A-L-E season. So, everywhere we went we see this:


Why the inverted spelling? I didn’t avail of the SALE season, that’s why! My fault, really. Prices are down up to 70%. So, I kept on looking for more bargains. Tsk. Tsk. I got hold of a beautiful Nine West bag at 30% off which hubby approved but  I kept on thinking there might be more bargains out there. I ended up buying none. Hubby and I were thinking, Malaysia’s Duty Free was still there. The beautiful bag I fell in love with at the Duty Free was a Gianfranco Ferre bag at 70% off. At 70% off, it was still too much. LOL.

I used to be a sucker for bags, especially when I was still unmarried. When I left the Philippines, I had to give away most of them. I just retained those which have sentimental values. These days, I don’t look at bags anymore. Unless, hubby can afford them:-).

Speaking of the SALE season in Malaysia, July is also a tourist season there. It’s amazing to see so many tourists around. Every morning, this is the scene outside the breakfast buffet area:


We wake up earlier than most tourists (or they wake up really late) so we never had to queue up for breakfast. Otherwise, Little Dynamo would be impatiently running around.

I got us Swiss Graden Hotel located just around the Bintang Area, which is a tourist spot known for its night life. Malaysia must be doing very well in terms of security as many tourists flock to the country.  Hubby and I ended up discussing the security back home (Philippines). We have so much to offer in terms of tourist destinations but we don’t see this much tourists. 

Really, it was quite a surprise for me to see so many tourists walking around almost everywhere we went. There were couples, there were families as well. We got familiar with two or three other Caucasian families who were also going to the pool everyday. Their kids were swimming while they were relaxing and reading by the pool side.

According to the taxi driver who was a regular in the hotel, July and August were mostly tourist months for people from the Middle East. This year, though the H1N1 scared them so the number was significantly reduced. To our eyes, there were still many of them.

It must be interesting to live in such a tourist-friendly place.

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