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Shopping after the Free Lunch at the Philippine Fiesta

I was with Cathy last Sunday for the Philippine Fiesta. Of course, she was covering the event. I told her I’ll be her photographer but didn’t even bother to take pictures when we got there. Oh well, I got a picture of our free lunch in a bento box.

The Philippine Fiesta was held in Banpo Park. It had a good view of the river with a fountain show from the bridge regularly scheduled at 3pm and 8pm. At 1pm, while we were in the middle of our lunch, we were treated to this fountain show. At night time, I was told that the fountain show is even more beautiful with lights.

While Banpo Park offered a spacious venue for the festivities, the City Hall where the event was originally scheduled to be held would have been a better place to showcase the 6 festivities that the event wanted to show to the Koreans. There were colorful costumes everywhere and it would have been more appreciated in the original venue.

Anyway, it was still good for me as Cathy and Lani brought me to another place. When women go together one could almost guess where they go to. When my husband called, he was surprised that we left the festivities early. “Where are you?”, he asked. “Guess”, I challenged him. “Shopping”. It would be 12 years gone to waste if he still doesn’t know where I was.

The Bus Express Terminal is a very huge subway station. It’s a shopping haven. Where else can you see a 5,000-won pair of shoes? When I arrived home, I immediately decided that I’ll give one pair away. LOL. The other one will have to wait until post-pregnancy. I fell in love with a yellow silk dress. But after inquiring how much it costs, I had to put it back on the rack. A 263,000-won silk dress? Aysus! I settled for a cute white little dress instead.

I just realized, Cathy is a good shopping partner:-).

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2 thoughts on “Shopping after the Free Lunch at the Philippine Fiesta

  1. wanted to go back for the purple eyelet dress, but wala na sa store eh. 🙁 but the silk yellow dress was still there! hahaha!

    which pair of 5,000 own shoes did you give away? i love the beige one, ang comfy niya! the red one, i havent had a chance to wear 😛

    shopaholics talaga tayo!

    kaytee´s last blog post..will go back to Wil

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