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“I Just Want to be a Boy”

My Little Dynamo loves to watch Super Why.

The school bus drops him off at 3pm in the house, then he would eat his snack and watch Super Why at 3:30pm beforeĀ having his nap. He would sing to the Super Why song. Sometimes, he would say he is Super Why with the power to read.

As much as possible, we also try to maintain his 15-minute study time with me. There were days we miss, but most days we remind each other. He would always be inspired by Super Why so that he “will have the power to read“.

One afternoon, when he woke up:

Me: Study time.

Little Dynamo: No.

Me: Why not? You will be Super Why. You will have the power to read.

Little Dynamo: I don’t like to be Super Why.

Me: Why not?

Little Dynamo: I JUST want to be a boy.


End of discussion! No mommy would insist otherwise:-)

The usage of the word JUST surprised me!

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