Friday Frustration: Be a Better Trip Planner


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This is isn’ t really a big time frustration. I enjoyed every minute of the four days and four nights I had with my family in Kuala Lumpur. I just thought I could have done better planning it.

With better planning, we could have travelled by land to Singapore and went back home to Seoul from there.

The four days and four nights in Kuala Lumpur were more than enough to cover the popular tourist spots. We couldn’t have really ventured out so much as we have a toddler to think of.  With much time to our disposal, we ended up in the malls more than we planned. Good thing, July is sale season in Malaysia. If I had more foresight or if I am a more experienced traveller (or trip planner), we could have taken the trip to Singapore:-).

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Have a nice weekend!

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