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Does your baby/toddler have recurring fever?

If there’s one thing I have learned from the health forums I visited recently, it is this: balance your trust on your doctor with your mother’s instinct.

A baby or a toddler who has recurring fever may be diagnosed with pharyngitis or throat infection. Doctors always say not to worry as pharyngitis is common to babies and children. Even my doctor-friend repeatedly assured me that throat infections are common to children. In some cases, doctors would meticuously check the ears for ear infection. Throat and ear infections are visible to the eyes (doctor-trained eyes).

When the fever does not stop despite the medications, a mother should be on her guard already. You could actually suggest to your child’s pediatrician. Don’t just sit down there and trustingly listen even if you know very well that something’s amiss. I think every parent should be equipped with the confidence that you know your child more than anyone else.

In some cases, throat infections are just outward symptoms of something that needs more medical attention. Most often, upon seeing symptoms of throat infection a doctor would easily prescribe medication to cure the visible problem. It is not uncommon that throat infections can actually sidetrack a parent or a doctor’s attention from urinary tract infection (UTI). Uncured, the child will have a recurring fever.

Some pediatricians make it their standard operating procedure to have the child undergo an ultrasonogram after UTI is detected. Other pediatricians do not. My opinion on this is: your child’s health is foremost and shall be monitored well. An ultrasonogram is non-invasive and does not have any side effect to the child. Have it done! The primary purpose of the ultrasonogram when UTI is detected is to check on the kidneys.

UTI significantly affects the kidneys especially when left untreated. It could just start with a fever diagnosed with throat infection. The throat infection is cured but the underlying UTI is not. Another bout of fever attacks to be diagnosed with the same throat infection. Medication will again serve the throat infection but not the UTI. When UTI is diagnosed after several medications for throat infection, there is a great possibility for kidney scars. Kidney scars can be detected through ultrasonogram. That shows how important an ultrasonogram is, even during the mildest symptoms of a UTI.

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