Awed by Petronas Twin Towers

There are so many lists of the tallest buildings in the world. They have all kinds of categories. Check out google to understand what I mean.

Anyway, the tallest building I saw is the Petronas Twin Towers on a recent vacation in Kuala Lumpur. It has 88 storeys and stands at 452 meters above street level. It was hard to capture the full length of the tower in all its majesty but I got to take a shot of the building in all its splendor by capturing its shadow on the huge pond in front of the Suria KLCC shopping mall.

Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur


The Suria KLCC Shopping Mall is just beside the twin towers and its own attraction is the afternoon fountain show in its huge pond. Little Dynamo has always been fascinated by fountains so we sat on the edge of the pond for quite a while to satisfy his want.

by the pond with my toddler

Aside from the fountain show, the spacious grounds also has a shallow swimming pool for childen with cascading waterfalls as a backdrop.  Beside the swimming pool is a children’s playground. You bet, our Little Dynamo had a blast!

Suria KLCC Mall pond

We spent one whole afternoon until early evening in the Petronas and Suria KLCC grounds, to our son’s delight.

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